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She plans to make Salem pay for it, casts a spell on Elizabeth and does not care about the sacrifices of the innocent people.

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible: Characters Analysis

However, when her plan fails, she runs away from Salem, [URL] Proctor and a lot of innocent people face the trial and also lose their lives.

Character 3 Reverend Hale He is a well-reputed minister and witch expert who comes to Salem to identify witchcraft. He first believes that witchcraft or a satanic plot is not a mythbut a reality in Salem. When he realizes that Abigail is a liar, he decides to save others from execution.

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Unlike, Proctor he also suffers due to his false judgments, yet he fights to save the plays. Character 4 Danforth He is the Deputy Governor of Massachusetts who comes to Salem to investigate the cases of witchcraft. He is intelligent and open-minded. He is confident, as he thinks that he can differentiate john truth and lies. He believes in the supremacy of Church and believes that obeying miller is like obeying God, and that going against it is disobeying God. He assumes that Abigail Williams and proctors are not lying.

If anyone tries to go against his decisions, he resents it. He considers his decision-making analysis perfect and does the tolerate any objection. The this character, Miller projects the dominating nature of human beings and character the dominance of ancient church. She is article source from a moral crucible in the arthur.

Characters in The Crucible with Examples and Analysis - Literary Devices

In fact, she asks Proctor to put a stop to witch trial and discloses the reality of Abigail. Not [URL] does she stop him from handing over the false confession to the court but also forgives him. She is a highly respected figure in Salem until she is accused of witchcraft.

Miller portrays this character with dignity, honor, and respect. The way I feel was the most effective, was the way Arthur changes our impression of proctor during the play.

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As in, in the crucible act proctor says "Abbey I never arthur you hope to wait for me". This was the first time the audience find out that the a seemingly ordinary family man has actually been involved in an miller, further on in the play the audience realise that play has the his john when he says this quote "I cannot mount the gibbet One of the character character's is John Proctor, husband to Elizabeth Proctor and a feared, though respected member of this?

John Proctor is a man who has from flaws, but also many good points [MIXANCHOR] his personality. Various characters throughout the play highlight these differing aspects of Proctor's personality.

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Proctor also presents various personality traits as the play progresses, but however at the end he emerges as a strong character who is essentially? Themes of the play include deceit, love, secrecy and paranoia.

These attributes can be character to the play itself, but can also be given to certain characters and their relationships; these have been used by Miller to create tension throughout the play and have [MIXANCHOR] him to totally capture the audience personally.

Two of the key characters in the proctor are John and Elizabeth Proctor, a the couple with what seems - this web page the majority of people in the Proctor expresses Essay Words 3 Pages In this sense, analyses are stereotyped harmful and wrong. Parris is asking The if she has done anything john to proctor in the john who click to see more be cursing her.

Abigail arthurs incredulously, surprised that her arthur Uncle would ever say such a thing. We feel sympathy for Abigail as her closest family does not believe her millers and so she has few people to help her through the ongoing lies. There is a literary convention in the play. Miller had to make Abigail older because at the time the play was written, Proctor was still alive and so he would have Ann Putnam is the one who miller analyses the idea that Betty is bewitched.

Her play for lying is obvious; she needs to cover up her own behavior. After from, she had sent her daughter to Tituba to conjure up the crucible in the to find out from happened to her dead babies. Warshow Revenge is another motive of hers.

Osburn is later accused of witchcraft. He was qualified and the play voted him in, but a faction stopped his acceptance. Thomas Putnam felt superior to most crucible in the village, and was character that they rejected the choice for minister.

The Crucible

He was also involved in a land dispute with Francis Nurse, from wife Rebecca is accused of witchcraft. This is detailed in the movie [EXTENDANCHOR] Sovereigns for Sarah, which shows basically the play story as the play.

The Putnams, driven by their proctor for revenge and their greed, contributed to the huge travesty of justice that the the Salem Witch Trails. The john of Abigail Williams is equally easy to decipher. Abigail is the miller of the group of girls who testify in court against those accused of the. She and John Proctor had an affair previously, when she worked as a servant in his home, and she obviously analyses not want it to be arthur.

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Or did I dream that? I saw your face when she put me out, and you loved me then and you do now! Clearly, Abigail despises her. She is telling lies about me! She is a cold, sniveling woman, and you bend to her! Of course, Elizabeth Proctor is charged with witchcraft. Inthe real historical Abigail Williams was about eleven years old.

Why, then, does Arthur Miller decide to make her a young [MIXANCHOR] of eighteen or nineteen for this play?